World’s best 5 types of clay for beautiful skin

All we know the importance of mud bath from ancient times. Many animals also find themselves in the mud. It was his mud bath. There are many types of minerals available in the soil. This bath provides all benefits to the body with all the properties of soil. Considering this, different types of face packs are made using clay even today. We Learn about some similar soil packs today.

Moroccan Red Soil:

This soil contains iron oxide. This element helps to brighten the skin, and removes black heads. This soil is found on Mount Atlas in Morocco. In this soil, by applying water evenly, and applying it on the face can be seen with good results.

Betonite soil:

This soil is formed from volcanic ash. Naturally, this soil contains many nutrients. Applying a coating made of filtered water in this soil to the face relieves acne problems.

Marine soils:

The soils found at the bottom of the sea have many properties. These soils contain treasures of minerals. This clay coating serves as a deep cleansing agent. This clay should be mix with apple cider vinegar and apply on face. It has very good results.

Multani soil:

This soil improves skin tone. Mix one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon turmeric and one teaspoon of rose water in Multani soil. Applying this coating regularly to the face for intense beauty.

White soil:

This soil is found in tropical regions. This soil is also known as China Clay. The coating of this soil gives good results for sensitive skin. China clay mix with aloe vera and water and apply this pack on the face provides good nourishment to skin and makes the face look brighter.

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