Today’s corona Cases in India 15/07/2020

Date 15 July 2020
#Coronacasesinindia #Covid19casesinindia

Corona Virus infection is spreading in india very rapidly. Protect yourself and your family from this infection. Follow all prevention while going outside from home. In today’s blog we are going to see today’s Corona cases in india
Today’s corona cases in India are given below:-

Total 9,36,181 Covid19 confirmed cases in india and total 29,429 Covid19 confirmed cases in last 24 hours.
There are total 5,92,032 Covid19 cases cured till date.
Total 20,572 Covid19 patients cured in last 24 hours.
Total 24,309 deaths of Covid19 patients in India till date.
Total 582 deaths of Covid19 patients in last 24 hours.
3,19,840 Covid19 active cases till today and total 8,275 Covid19 active cases increase in last 24 hours.

The last 24 hrs have seen a sharp rise in the number of #COVID19 patients recovering.
20,572 people were cured which has taken the total number of recovered cases to 5,92,031.
The recovery rate has climbed up to 63.24% today.

The current count of COVID19 patients in India is 9,36,181. Today,newly 29,429 patients have been identified as positive. Also newly 20,572 patients have been cured today, totally 5,92,032 patients are cured & discharged from the hospitals. Total Active patients are 3,19,840.
As on July 15, 2020, the national recovery rate of Covid19 patients stands at 63.24%.

In this blog, we looked at todays count of Covid19 cases in India . Thank you for reading this blog. I’m Dr. Mrunal Sachin Pandao, takes a leave form you now. As a friend please share this blog with your friends,on your Whatsapp groups. So, this is our personal responsibility towards our family and friends.

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