How to breastfeed during #COVID19❓❓❓

Corona virus spreads all over the world. There are no medicine or no vaccine on it till today July 2020. So, its today’s need to take all precautions against this COVID-19. During this lockdown period in India and other countries of the world, number of pregnancies are going to increase according to different survey. Because of this, child birth rate are also going to at higher side.

It is todays need to protect ourself and our newborn baby from this COVID-19 pandemic. Maintain social distancing from other people. Means 2 meters distance form outsider. Wear a mask regularly and clean it properly. Clean your hand with soap and lots of water for at least 20 seconds. Or clean your hand with 70% alcohol sanitizer.

So, main question is arises after delivery of baby child during this Covid-19 pandemic is that, How to breastfeed during #COVID19❓❓❓

Here’s the answer, which is given below:-

✳️Wash your hands with soap 🧼 and water💧 before and after contact with your child for 20 seconds. Or frequently clean your hand with 70% alcohol sanitizer.

✳️ Use a mask when feeding or caring for them.

✳️ Clean or disinfect often touched surfaces with sodium hypochlorite solution or bleaching powder solution. And let the floor dry.

✳️Avoid to attend any function or going outside.

✳️Clean your breast before breastfeed your 🍼 baby.

These are some tips to avoid COVID-19 spread during breastfeeding. The main mantra for you and your baby is maintain personal hygiene.

So, Today we looked at How to breastfeed during #COVID19❓❓❓. If you like this blog, hit a like button and share this useful article with your friends and social media platforms. I’m Dr. Mrunal taking a leave from you now. If you have any query, ask me in a comment section. Thank you!


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