How to get glowing skin naturally?

Hi friends, Im Dr Mrunal welcome you in my this new blog. If you are new here then just follow my blog and write a comment below about any health related questions below. I will reply all of yours comments. Today I’m writing about, How to get glowing skin naturally. Just you have to do follow this tips properly.

I like to give you Some tips to get glowing skin naturally.

1. Care of your Face

2. Care to reduce Acne, acne scars and dark spots

3. Care of your Hairs

4. Care of your Body

Beautiful skin and hairs
Beautiful skin and Hairs

1. Care of your face

Face is a mirror of your complete heath of your body. Face is represents your first impression so, thats why everybody wants to know about How to get glowing skin naturally. But now a days many of us facing a lots of problems like, dry skin, pimples, black heads, dark circles, scar of pimples and lots more. So, here are some tips about How to get glowing skin naturally.

a) Wash your face thoroughly, when you up in a morning and at your bed time at night with soft face wash to get glowing skin.

b) Use mask and toners

c) apply a moisturiser at bed time in night with soft hand. Always try to use water based moisturiser which are not so oily to get glowing skin.

d) Drink 4 litres of water daily. This most important thing. Because most of us cant count our daily water intake. So, our body feels deficiency of water. About 90% of our body made up of water. To provide nutrition and remove toxins our skin cells demands so much water. That’s why proper intake is important to get glowing skin.

e) Take 2 cups of green tea daily. Green tea contains lots of amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are increses life of your skin cells. Which cause reduction in aging process. So, your skin looks so much younger than actual. And your skin starts glowing from inside.

2. How to get rid of Pimples?

This is a most irritating thing we face sometimes. Pimples, pimple scar and dark spot are looks so annoying. So lots of try to hide that spot by applying foundation, BB cream and whitening powders. But how to get rid from that pimples. Just adapt the following golden rule to keep permanently free your face from pimples.

a) First and most important is , if you have a pimple on your face then, don’t pop or squeeze that pimple. If you squeeze a pimple, it must cause a scar on your skin while healing.

b) Exfoliate your skin lightly and with soft hand to get rid of dead skin and sebum build up. Always use natural scrub for exfoliation. If you have a pimple then avoid that area around pimple. Use scrub for 2 to 3 times a week.

c) always use toner to reduce dark spots on your face. You can make that toner simply at your home, by mixing an apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice and green tea.

d) take a Amla juice on daily basis or you can also take 2 tablets of amla , one in a morning and one in a night. Because it contains lots of amount of vitamin C. And vitamin c helps to remove dark spots from your glowing skin.

3. For Care of your hairs :

Hairs are most noticeable part over your head. If you have beautiful, nourished and high volume hairs then, you get a great look from it. Here are some point to adapt in your daily one month challenge.

a) Always cut or trim your hairs end regularly, although you like long hairs.

b) After washing your hairs with shampoo , then always use deep conditioning hair conditioner. And alway apply coconut oil on your hairs, just half hour before cleaning your hairs. It nourish your hairs thoroughly.

c) Take a Biotin supplementary tablet like, Amway biotin tablets on daily basis. Its will nourish your hairs from inside and also blackened your hairs if you have facing white hairs problem. Don’t worry it don’t have any side effect.

4. For care of your body :

I know , your thinking why I’m telling to do care of your body for beautiful and glowing face and hairs. But trust me, If you take care of your body then your face automatically starts glowing skin only in one month. You just blindly follow my suggestions in your daily routine. And I’m sure you will really amaze when you get results after one month . Follow following tips for How to get glowing skin.

a) Do a 10 mins exercise daily for minimum 5 days a weak. It will give you a great tone muscles and best curves to your body.

b) Don’t eat oily food. You can take vegetables and fruits as much as you want.

c) Don’t overwork your body.

d) Make your goal to be healthy not skinny. And by the way there are nothing wrong if you are already skinny.

Just follow above tips, if you want beautiful and glowing skin and Hairs. Always remember be healthy and be happy. Ask me a question if you have any question about   “How to get glowing skin naturally”. Or you can DM me by following me on Instagram or Twitter.

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