The first 10 to 12 years are best to develop children’s mind. You can help to develop it in your own way you like. In this blog, we are going to read about, what are the best way to develop children’s mind.

It is said that today’s generation is very intelligent. And, we can feel this by observing our child and comparing them with us time to time. So, In today’s competitive age, children must possess such competent intelligence. often, parents are well-educated, children knows such things, that educated parents don’t. Nowadays, children know how to use a mobile phone and have full knowledge of computer. This is because children have the ability to learn new things much more than older people.

Best way to develop children’s mind:

To develop this capability of learning in children’s, we must be know, what our children like, at the right time. If kids are interested in cars, tell them what the latest models of cars are, what their characteristics are, and if they love collecting coins, let them know the different currencies in the world. Be kind to your children. Therefore, children can feel free to share their mind. If you travel with family, then tell the kids about the history and geographical features of that place. Instead of avoiding children’s questions, give them a satisfying answers. With your children you should too enjoy being a child.

We should try our best to increase creativity in children. Solve a puzzles with kids. For their overall development, brings a children’s magazines at home every week. Sometimes, you should read some books loudly for your children, beyond their knowledge. This cultivate a new concepts and thinking abilities in your children’s mind.

To develop children’s mind, ask your children to read a book for you. Ask them to pick up the receiving phone calls at home to increase their confidence. Encourage children to participate in activities such as sports, dance, painting, drama. Show your children’s a new photos of offices, banks, train stations, bus stops, mandi etc. And tell something new about this places. If you are going to bank, then give them information of money withdrawals . After watching a movies or listening to a story, ask the children to close their eyes and imagine the situation. This will develop their imagination power.


In this blog, we learn which is the best age for mind development of children. And, what are the best way to develop children’s mind.Thank you for reading this blog. I’m Dr. Mrunal Sachin Pandao, takes a leave form you now.  If you have any question regarding, The best way to develop children’s mind then, contact me or ask me directly in comment section. As a friend please share this blog with your friends,on your Whatsapp groups, to spread the knowledge about  the best way to develop children’s mind. So, this is our personal responsibility towards our family and friends.


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