There are lots of masks available in market during a period of covid-19. So, lots of peoples are are confused, which mask should use? Which n-95 mask use by doctors? Which one is better? N-95 or washable triple layer cotton mask? You get All the answers of your questions here.

Boldfit n-95 mask is available on with a price 599 rupees for pack of 5 masks. This masks are mainly use by doctors and frontlineworriers. Doctors called this n-95 masks a respirator.

Which masks are better? N-95 respirators ortriple layer washable cotton masks?

The main difference between n-95 and cotton masks are filtration of dust particles, bacteria and viruses. N-95 mask are filter better thancotton masks. But the problem is that, n-gs masks are somuch costly than cotton masks. N-95 masks are filter more efficiently. N-95 masks fits very firmly on your face skin so that, no air passes through leakages. On other hand cotton masks are not so firm on face skin. So chances of leaking ot air without filtration.

Which masks are better for doctors and frontline worriers?

N-95 respirators are best for doctors and frontline worriers. Because it filters more than 95% of bacteria and viruses. This respirators really necessary for them to prevent to get infected from covid 19 infection.

Which masks are good for normal persons?

Normal cotton’s 3 or 4 layer masks are good for normal persons to protect from covid-ig infection. Because they are affordable, washable,and protect you from bacteria and viruses.

Boldfit n-95 mask description

Boldfit n-95 mask is a personal protection against dust particles, allergens, fog haze, splattering liquids, anti-odour. It has 5 layers of protection and efficient filtering two layers non-woven fabric, two layers of meltdown fabric. This mask is made up of reusable activated carbon and cotton ensures that your skin stay fresh. It has foldable, 3D, and lightweight design. This anti-dust protection mask are use for sports, running, hiking, climbing, covid-19 wards.

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