Arthritis and Ayurveda

What is commonly called arthritis is a swelling, stiffness, and pain in the joints. In Ayurveda, arthritis is elaborated deeply and several types of Vata disorders, their symptoms are mentioned in it. In arthritis, diet is of special importance. Therefore, the path to treat this disease is more important in Ayurveda.

What to not eat to prevent Arthritis?

All kinds of astringent taste food increase the symptoms of “Arthritis”. Therefore, people with betel nut, Pan masala, and Gutka addiction should quit their addiction if they have arthritis. Avoid foods that are highly salty. Particularly canned airtight foods should be avoided. The consumption of wafers, oily plastic packed foods, including cold drinks, ‘ready to eat’ foods, vegetables with added salt and preservatives, increase the symptoms of Arthritis. Fruits like purple berries (जांभुळ) increase arthritis. Salt,fried nuts, potato chips, fried foods increase arthritis. Oily paratha with potatoes should not be eaten in breakfast who have arthritis. This diet should be strictly avoid especially in cold weather. Arthritis patients should avoid cold water. If the water is too cold and the cold weather increase pain and tenderness in joints. These patients should drink warm water instead.

When eating meat during arthritis, do not eat dried fish. It is beneficial to patients not to eat dry meat, stored fish, stored meat with arthritis. Arthritis patients should not consume buffalo milk if they are obese, and should not eat any foods that are made of milk.

Honey is a substance that reduces obesity and reduces Kapha, though it should be avoid because it increases vata in our body. Honey is a drying agent in the body. Therefore, honey should not be consumed in arthritis. Green chilli, red chili powder should be avoided in Arthritis. Arthritis patients do eat unnatural colours added foods.

In rheumatism, all leafy vegetables are just good to eat,and it is best to add garlic and ginger. Vegetables are more beneficial in arthritis. It should be eaten in vegetables like raga, suran, padaval (not in chana or tur dal), rice. Use sesame seeds instead of peanuts. Adding more coconut in food is good.

Peppermint, chutney and mustard are healthy in arthritis. The Punnava plant works well in Joint pain patients. Eat beans, carrots, old onions, leafy leaves, ova is beneficial too. It is a misconception to eat rice in arthritis. Rice grows a Vata in our body. And Vata will increase a pain and swelling . Obese individuals should add ghee to the rice when it is cooked, as well as add salt, garlic leaves, to change the taste and make medicinal rice. Avoid eating cold foods. Do not sleep in cold air who having arthritis. Sleeping under the fan should be avoided. Bathing warm water with neem leaves added in it provides a great relief.

And finally, drink lots of Luke water who have arthritis.

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